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fastening two pieces of metal together by softening with heat and applying pressure

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AWS has a membership of 70,000 welding professionals who receive award-winning publications, including the monthly, Welding Journal.
We stand for excellence, quality and safety, and this recognition today makes our global welding teams -- working across several continents -- proud," added Bob May, corporate welding manager at Bechtel.
In addition to the Welding & NDE Services group, the AWS recognition also includes Bechtel's Materials Engineering Technology (MET) group, the OG&C Tank Business Line, Custom Arc Services, and Master Craft, Inc.
ARCON Welding LLC, Doncasters Group Limited, Sonics & Materials Inc.
This spot welding machine market report also states import/export consumption, supply and demand Figures, cost, price, revenue and gross margins.
The teach WELD Welding Simulator brings virtual reality technology and in-depth welding assessments into the hands of students and instructors in a very affordable way.
The HLAW process is a combination of laser beam welding and arc welding in the same weld pool (Figure 1).
On the other hand, vibration of the specimens in a direction parallel to the shorter edge constitutes "transverse" or "cross-thickness" vibration welding (11) (in a deviation from the terminology of Stokes (11), throughout this article, the shorter specimen dimension in the weld plane will be referred to as width, instead of thickness; thus transverse welding would be equivalent to "cross-width" welding).
Moreover, the distance between the laser source and the arc is an important parameter to control the penetration in hybrid laser-arc welding and normally consists of a value of few millimetres.
Monitoring this parameter we can warn operator about problems with welding wire, and stopping in time of a poor welding.
This data was entered into the FEA software along with performance parameters to create a virtual 3D replica of the horn and its action during the welding process.
lt; VALENCIA -- The American Welding Society has recognized College of the Canyons with national accreditation.
and other developments favoring plaintiffs could portend more proplaintiff decisions and settlements, as well as an increase in future welding fume lawsuits.