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joins pieces of metal by welding them together

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Danar Tools ambition is to provide our customers with the widest range of Portable Generators and Welder Generators at the lowest prices.
The complainant, 32, told the prosecutor that he was in Al Barsha on that day in January when the welder called him on his mobile phone and requested to meet him in Al Quoz.
With a range of 300 feet from the machine, wireless remotes provide welders and their helpers an efficient way to dial the machine in accurately and ensure quality at the point of use.
hereinafter "Avio"), introduced a new series of YAG Precision Laser Welders to the market on January 17.
The Fusion welder also features premature element burnout protection since the heating element automatically shuts off when too low of an airflow value is detected.
Bureau of Labor Statistics, welders may work in a variety of industries, including car racing, but two out of three welding jobs are in manufacturing industries.
To be a welder you should have: good hand-to-eye co-ordination; high standards of accuracy; the ability to work without direct supervision, and co-operate in a team; a good level of general fitness; mathematical ability, computer skills and knowledge of technical drawings; good eyesight, colour vision and hearing.
The iQ servo-controlled welder also offers more consistent part height than pneumatic welders whose continuous travel during the hold phase may affect part height.
This contrasts to typical pneumatic welders that continue to travel during the hold phase, unlike a servo-controlled welder that can either stop and/or continue to collapse a specified distance and speed during the hold phase.
Imagine the next time you break a garden tool, your water tank springs a leak or a do-hickey falls off, instead of throwing it away or taking it to a repair shop, simply crank up your welder and fix it yourself.
The donations were granted to the AWS Foundation Welder Workforce Development Program, which was launched in 2006 to address the need for recruitment and specialized training of entry-level welders while supporting welding workforce needs for companies.
Welders, often known as welder fabricators, cut, shape and join materials to make products and components in a wide variety of industries including construction, shipbuilding, engineering, transport, power, automotive, aerospace, and offshore oil and gas.
The owners save money because our welder pool is highly diversified and our quality assurance umbrella eliminates unnecessary retests," said Daniel R.
What: Plastic Welder, Plastic Welder II, Composite Welder FS and Metal Welder adhesives