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Synonyms for weld

Synonyms for weld

European mignonette cultivated as a source of yellow dye

United States abolitionist (1803-1895)

a metal joint formed by softening with heat and fusing or hammering together

join together by heating

unite closely or intimately

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To determine the deformations occurred during welding, after each weld both for manual and automatic welding, length of samples was measured using altimeter while hot and at the room temperature.
This improved electrical efficiency has dramatically decreased the equipment size, making HLAW a more realistic alternative to arc weld ing of pipelines.
A schematic representing the typical transient of the shear force at the weld interface during vibration welding (capturing the key features of the experimental shear-force transient measurements reported by Stokes (7) and Dai et al.
Nevertheless some problems arise due to the crystal boundary corrosion, stress corrosion and hot cracking in the weld bead (Lippold & Savage, 1982; Brooks et al.
Specifically, FEA is being used by processors who encounter problems in achieving successful welds in assembly.
Log Cabin will continue our dialogue with Governor Weld regarding the need for civil marriage equality across the country," says Log Cabin president Patrick Guerriero.
The next section describes the means by which the instrument processes sampled information to report a location and diameter of the detected weld.
Although the welder play be highly skilled and experienced, inconsistent results may be produced because the welder literally is completing each weld by hand.
The weld bead on the tensile bars was removed to ensure the same cross-sectional area at the joint interface.
using low-hydrogen welding techniques for repair work because, McHenry says, cracks can form--even if the weld metal wasn't embrittled--if too much hydrogen is used in welding.
Chapters discuss weld integrity, deformation during forming and the analytical and numerical simulation modelling of tailor welded blanks for advanced manufacturing.
Parmar [1] stated that it has the capability to weld thicker sections with deep penetration.
The potential from a combination is to increase weld penetration, the bridgeability gap, welding speed, melting efficiency and process stability, to improve metallurgy and to reach features impossible to either process alone.
This results in frictional heating until the surface melts and viscous heating of the melt occurs until a predetermined weld time or amount of melt is achieved and the vibrations are stopped.
Advanced fully digital power supplies provide precise control of process variables and weld quality, reducing standard deviation and increasing Cpk index of welding.