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Synonyms for welcoming

easily approached

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very cordial

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The Gateway Family YMCA's participation in Welcoming Week through an open house and activities shows that in our community, people of all backgrounds are coming together to create stronger, more prosperous communities.
The mentor's focus in welcoming is to introduce the protege to the workplace culture and suggest ways that the protege can successfully engage in it.
Sadly, Catholic parishes are not known for their welcoming atmosphere.
Typically, only a presidential guard unit joins welcoming ceremonies for foreign leaders at the presidential residence, along with a military band who sings the national anthem of the guest country.
As we prepare to welcome the new-born Christ and celebrate his birth with friends and families let us open our eyes and hearts to those in this city that are waiting to be welcomed for in welcoming the stranger and the hungry we are welcoming Christ.
HTOS chairman James Bar Bowen said: "We know many local people have been very welcoming and understanding towards people who have been sent to live in Huddersfield by the Home Office.
Stella Hall, creative director of Culture 10, which commissioned the project, said: "This is the most welcoming place in the country.
a Roman Catholic Jesuit school, took another step to further the inclusion of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students this spring when it agreed to rewrite its welcoming statement of nondiscrimination.
To explore these gaps, I'll ponder a spiritual way of reading and responding that involves some extremely challenging--even radical--attitudes: the absolute relinquishing of control, the unconditional welcoming of the Other, the obliteration of the self, and the concomitant willingness to suffer.
It's the first welcoming piece to the home,'' says Lisa Ridolfi, a spokeswoman for Crate and Barrel.
We had better be open and liberal in welcoming others to our fellowship.
The rejection and its resulting media firestorm "opened up a remarkable opportunity" to communicate the church's welcoming stance, said the Reverend John Thomas, UCC president.
As effective as we found the newsletter's welcome letter, we were even more impressed with the magazine's welcoming device--a 7 X 7-inch pamphlet folded once to 3.
However, the board welcoming people to the village has been vandalised.
The responsibility of welcoming new members to the community fell on the shoulders of the homebuilders, local shopkeepers and long-time neighborhood residents.