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a mat placed outside an exterior door for wiping the shoes before entering


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A neighbour told the They've rolled out the welcome mat for the big man in red at their home in Connsbrook HALLOWEEN might still be fresh in the memory but that hasn't stopped one family from getting in the Christmas spirit.
However, for larger houses, a foyer can be maximized from a simple hall way with a welcome mat to a cozy vestibule that will show off your home's personality in a matter of seconds.
Alan Hutton shouldn't expect the welcome mat to be rolled out when he returns to Villa Park this week.
The Envision youngsters roll out the welcome mat at New Street.
SIR Alex Ferguson is to roll the welcome mat out for Stoke's "jolly green giants" insisting they hold no fears for Manchester United.
Also, every aircraft on the carrier's 76-city, 14-country North American and Caribbean network will include a welcome mat.
2degrees has rolled out the welcome mat, literally, with the launch of their first retail stores.
In the event of a fire a welcome mat is unlikely to be the difference between life and death," he added.
I am definitely putting the welcome mat out for anyone who wants to join the Labour Party, particularly ex-Liberal Democrats" - Ed Miliband, a contender for the Labour leadership, after former Lib Dem leader Charles Kennedy was reported as considering joining Labour - a report he has denied.
I am not going to start predicting who is going to defect and when they might do so, but I think there is a real chance for us to show that this coalition is going in the wrong direction as far as Lib Dem MPs are concerned - and as I say, the welcome mat is out.
Putting out the welcome mat across the north west region will be private homes, castles, churches, mosques, a former airfield and towns - including St Helens - with hidden treasures.
Rich but worker-starved Singapore has historically rolled out the welcome mat for foreigners, whose numbers rose dramatically in the boom of 2004-2007.
Don t expect folks in the Franconia-Sugar Hill area to be laying out the welcome mat for GOP U.
But he laid out a welcome mat for Jim Jefferies and reckons another night of the long knives will soon be forgotten with two wins in the next two games.
WITH CARPET ONE FLOOR & HOME'S newest welcome mat campaign, everyone--even the family dog--can both celebrate spring as well as help The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and the Canadian Cancer Society.