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flightless New Zealand rail of thievish disposition having short wings each with a spur used in fighting

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The classifiers in Weka have been categorized into different groups such as Bayes, Functions, Lazy, Rules, Tree based classifiers, etc.
Allsup claimed Weka had been on a lead the whole time and had never attacked Gertie, whose injuries, he claimed, were caused by Mr Williams pulling him back sharply and wrapping the lead around her.
Train and test the selected classification algorithms using WEKA 3.
The decision-tree algorithm J48, which is the Weka implementation of C4.
It was developed in Java and it uses Weka libraries [10] to resolve the searching of various patterns in the database.
The Weka cover image of 1945 (see Figure 4) offered recognisably New Zealand subject matter on the School Journal cover as a strong initial visual presence for the issue.
South Island kaka, western weka, long-tailed bat, and South Island fern bird are also present in the valley.
Weka is a product of the Computer Science Department at the University of Waikato in New Zealand.
It takes 500 years for native trees like New Zealand's rata, rimu and totara to get established, but in the first 10 years, birds such as little spotted kiwi (the national bird), brown teal, bellbird, native robin, scaup, weka and pigeon, as well as reptiles like the rare tuatara lizard, have been reintroduced.
We used the M5' system (Wang and Witten 1997), a reimplementation of M5 within the WEKA software package (Witten and Frank 1999).
As it is related in the novel, Heberley is instinctively drawn ashore by the homely smell of what he believes to be pigeon pie, just like he used to have back in Weymouth, but which turns out to be the local equivalent, weka.
Van de Griendt, Waarde Vervuild Vastgoed--Stappenplan voor een Zuivere Taxatie [The Value of Contaminated Property--A Step-by-Step Plan for a Clean Valuation] (Amsterdam: WEKA Law & Finance Publishers, 1999).
Rare and threatened species that inhabit the forest include the great spotted kiwi, kaka, kereru, karearea, kea, weka, and land snails.
The weka is a bird that can't fly and they all want to be actors.