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someone unpleasantly strange or eccentric

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I can't think of any other bar, pub or club in England that would have wall-to-wall pictures of Roy Wood, the crazy weirdy beardy leader of Wizzard.
BEARDY weirdy Labour MP Paul Flynn is 76 and believes in free speech and democracy.
FROM the cover's naked lady running through fireworks to the trampoline bass and weirdy words, this is stunning.
No beating about the bush, Brad Pitt's a beardy weirdy
If you need proof ofThe 21-year-old, whose debut single, the self-penned Colourblind, is currently sitting at No 1, has gone from the beardy weirdy who performed scary renditions of Britney Spear's Baby One More Time and declared, ``Can you feel the love in this room?
I also want to avoid the weirdy beardies you find in such places.
After attaching herself to beardy weirdy Lib Dem MP Mike Hancock of the Defence Select Committee they would know all about how our defence reforms are progressing.
Not the Press, not her flunkies at Number 10, not the weirdy beardy crystaldangling yes-men she surrounds herself with, not Gordon Brown whom she takes down in flames, not even Alastair Campbell.
Green Man Festival @Glanusk Estate, Brecon (Friday-August 23) More folk fun and psychedelic weirdy beardy-ness , with Jarvis Cocker and ace US alt-rockers Wilco headlining.
Well really, with his Robinson Crusoe weirdy beard (this has soooo gone beyond `preparing for a role') our Brad would be more at home selling a certain magazine from the doorway of a Somerfield in Wigan.
It's the third year in a row that Glanusk Estate has opened its doors to weirdy beardies, urban hipsters and boho scenesters who'll be rubbing poncho-clad shoulders and lighting patchouli joss sticks for three glorious days of eclectic music.
And how can his wife Jennifer Aniston let her gorge hubby transform himself into the sort of beardy weirdy who'd make you nervous if he sat next to you on the bus?
Crammed with handy hints from how to tell when The One is going to come mountain-biking up your garden path to when your boss is going to give you a million-pound pay rise, it's easy to follow, not at all weirdy and a good way to impress your friends with party tricks involving a set of dice and a cuppa.