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strikingly out of the ordinary

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This could be thrilling if handled with care, but it piled on too many oddities and accelerated the weirdness too fast for my liking.
7 FORTITUDE (2015) KICKING off with yet more polar bear-based weirdness, this apparently standard whodunnit on a remote island in the Arctic morphs into something altogether stranger after the remains of a mammoth are found in the ice.
He is extremely strange, actually, and we complement each other's weirdness.
You wouldn't believe the underbelly of life's weirdness that came up when I googled it.
We should join together to feel sorry for the weirdness of someone who makes it his life's work pretending to be someone else.
Highlighting more Welsh weirdness, Andy, who hopes to establish a "sort of Barry Embassy" in Texas, said: "An Englishman has the right, granted 1,000 years ago, to shoot a Welshman from a distance of 12 yards using a longbow in the grounds of Hereford Cathedral on a Sunday.
A band often noted for its spectacles and weirdness, Primus announced Thursday on its (http://www.
With fascinating articles on Oregon weirdness from Bigfoot and UFO sightings to the Oregon Vortex and the world's smallest park, this book is sure to entertain readers of all ages.
Jamie Smyth, chronic school changer, makes her stand at Lark Middle School, where she creates a club on embracing the weirdness and abnormality of life, collecting many individuals under her wing.
99): The award-winning Australian author is apparently planning to release a cook book but this novel, his first UK publication, has wowed critics with its brilliant weirdness.
Sam Rockwell is great at playing weird characters like Victor, and it's Victor's weirdness that drives the film.
The easiest comparison to make is to punk mavericks the dead Milkmen, a band with which Yucky Octopus shares a penchant for wobbly sounds and outright weirdness, but here, the oddities seem more deliberate and less whimsical.
He believed that its weirdness indicated an incomplete theory that accounted for observed phenomena but was silent on invisible elements of reality that produced the weirdness.
According to the Eugene lunar calendar, this weekend's Oregon Country Fair is when the stars line up for ultimate weirdness.
WEIRDNESS of the week comes from the Tramontana R, a retinasearing, less-than-pretty carbonfibre tandem two-seater that can soar to 60 in 3.