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Synonyms for weightiness

the state or quality of being physically heavy

the condition of being grave and of involving serious consequences

Synonyms for weightiness

the relative importance granted to something


Related Words

the property of being comparatively great in weight

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We also discovered that personal values, relational maintenance, concern for other, and inherent weightiness of the issue accounted for a substantial number of the apparent explanations for the importance or unimportance of the arguments.
The scholarly landscape of Beat studies had begun shifting beforehand, but Reconstructing the Beats represents a landmark in advocacy of the weightiness of individual Beat writers.
Fairy tales resemble Jesus's miracles in that they can bring home to a reader that "the only thing of true weightiness is divine love" (198).
Vasu also said that with Mandela passing on, there would have been a weightiness to the series not quite matched by its official name, after producers of triple-refined sunflower oil Sunfoil.
Krznaric's prose is brisk and readable despite the weightiness of some of the subject matter: the six forms of love for the ancient Greeks in the essay on love, and the chronology of the rise of the clock in the essay on time.
Elisabeth's prayer as delivered by Dvorakova expresses ardent piety, Kundry (a newer radio recording on this CD) enthrals with forcible drama, Brunnhilde at the end of Siegfried with amorous sentiment and the weightiness of a great catharsis in the conclusion of the tetralogy.
After the weightiness of it all had settled again, Joe continued, "My father fought in World War I and World War II, and four of my brothers were in the service.
the weightiness of the body's materiality is felt" (p.
In general, a dual-mode microstrip resonator is more attractive because of very good properties, such as small in size, light weightiness, and lossless energy in transmission.
It can be noted that it brings public weightiness to the system due to the exploration of secondary legislations.
The character of her slumber--"geologic," as Ray put it in an e-mail exchange--finds powerful expression in the sculpture's weightiness as registered by the viewer, subliminally or otherwise.
There is a weightiness to each bird's eyes (usually only one eye, as most of the birds are shown in profile), to their unblinking stare.
The chair is both vaporous and at the same time remarkably dense, materially present yet somehow made capable of dissolving into the soil by its own weightiness.
Despite the potential weightiness of ancient history and philosophy, Morrison's clearly written account humanizes Washington as he struggles to translate these abstract ideas into usable forms.