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Synonyms for weightiness

the state or quality of being physically heavy

the condition of being grave and of involving serious consequences

Synonyms for weightiness

the relative importance granted to something


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the property of being comparatively great in weight

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The character of her slumber--"geologic," as Ray put it in an e-mail exchange--finds powerful expression in the sculpture's weightiness as registered by the viewer, subliminally or otherwise.
Determination of weightiness ofthe hierarchically-structured organization according to its commercial activity, Foundations of Civil and Environmental Engineering 5: 21-33.
Despite the potential weightiness of ancient history and philosophy, Morrison's clearly written account humanizes Washington as he struggles to translate these abstract ideas into usable forms.
The steering has a pleasing weightiness, the ride is amazingly supple, yet for such a large, roofless structure the body control is surprisingly firm.
In his revision to the version in The Riverbank Field, Heaney enhances the weightiness of two key words by moving them.
It is challenging to both respect the weightiness of these texts and the varied places from which our parishioners have come.
The weightiness of collective social norms was further impressed upon the bodies of the youths through thrashings from their senior initiation brothers.
The tactile suppleness of Shalan's forms offsets their apparent severity, with her most characteristic pots offering swelling, rounded bodies that rise to necks that appear large for their size, bringing both sensuality and weightiness to objects that might otherwise seem ethereal.
22) This observation implies a weightiness to our moral assessments of others, one that will not be found in nonmoral assessments, normative though they might be.
Moving forward, I would ask that we all remember the weightiness of these issues; the stakes involved for Israel, for America, and for the world.
Given the preponderant weightiness of much of the material on both these releases, and their entirely musical content, it's worth reminding oneself that Stanley was also a consummate storyteller and had a great sense of fun, and that he delighted particularly in entertaining children.
In one of Hazlitt's 1818 lectures, he writes extensively on Dante, focusing primarily on the dark, gloomy, weightiness of his works.
Velilla's way of sculpting these two also adds to the weightiness.
The Muller technique combined my love of ballet lines with the freedom and weightiness of modern, and it felt like home