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weight down with a load

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Just fill the three pockets with sand to weight down your umbrella.
It has a glass roof and reinforced windshield, with doors made of carbon fibre to keep weight down.
The Formula 1 star developed bulimia as he battled to keep his weight down for racing.
The car's paddle-shift gearbox uses F1 derived software, called F1 super fast, to reduce gear change times to 60 milliseconds while the car boasts minimal trimming to keep the weight down.
Advice booklets for patients on keeping their weight down will also be made available at surgeries.
In 1999 he was sleeping rough in London with his weight down to less than eight stones when a drug team worker put him in rehab.
Kaehler notes that ``when using weights, however, the benefits of the down motion can be minimal, as inexperienced exercisers tend to drop the weight down.
Put your hands at either side and press your weight down,as you come back up you are working your chest and the pectorals and touching into your biceps.
So they do structural analysis of things like pushrods and control arms-making sure that these components are light enough to keep the vehicles' weight down, but capable of handling loads.
Mr Garnett said Lisa's death was a huge shock after she had been trying so hard to bring her weight down.
Frankie Dettori has admitted that he took drugs to keep his weight down.
To dodge the big killers (heart disease, some cancers, and diabetes), to keep your weight down, or to just plain feel better, you don't have to become a gym rat.
Cooper advises blacks to keep their weight down, adding that, "African-Americans should [also] know their blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels.
To help bring the weight down to the absolute minimum the designers built strain gauges into the mast, hull and rigging.