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a long narrow box for growing plants on a windowsill

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Tenders are invited for Removal Of Approx 40 Tonne Counter Weight From Front Counter Weight Box And Filling In Into Rear Balance Box.
Standard features include: 16 foot blade, 15 degree blade tilt for slop cuts, 42 degree blade angle with blade swing, 15" ground clearance, 30 " blade height, replaceable high carbon steel cutting edge, 4 hydraulic cylinders and hoses, 3 hydraulic tractor valves (angle, tilt, raise), swivel hitch, 11L X 15 tires, 6-bolt hubs, box scraper ends, weight box and storage parking jack.
Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plate, Reaction Container, Heat of Hydration Apparatus with Walk, Analytical weight Box with NPL calibration certificate, Analytical Balance (Precision Balance), Muffle Furnace, PH Meter (Ion Analyser Chloride, Fluoride and Nitrate),
Tenders are invited for supply of following items E-3933054 Lab weight box class e2 as
the pads kept the weight box from sliding forward and impacting the backstop.