weed killer

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a chemical agent that destroys plants or inhibits their growth

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In the name of Wall Street profits, chemical corporations such as Monsanto genetically engineer crops to withstand high doses of their toxic weed killers that contaminate our food and water, and have not been proven safe.
Although Francois wasn't the first to file a suit over the weed killer, he is the first to be successful.
Weed killer strong enough to kill a man was blamed for the death of a golden eagle in Donegal in February while others have gone missing since the re-introduction scheme started in 2001.
The weed killer not only increases the likelihood that massive concentrations of flatworms will thrive in the amphibians' ponds, a new study reports, but also diminishes the ability of larval frogs to fight infection with these parasites.
But the council would rather have their insurance company pay a for a claim than fork out for some weed killer.
The materials included weed killer, sugar, matches, bearings and a metal hollow tube which were allegedly found at Hill's address in Lambert Street, Skipton, North Yorkshire.
I MUST thank John Wilson for explaining to me why anybody at all would want to spray weed killer on set aside land (Voice of the North, October 11).
If Robina hadn't waited those extra seconds for her son to turn and blow her a kiss, she never would have seen the school gardener -- dressed in protective white coveralls for handling hazardous material -- also turn and accidentally spray weed killer in the direction of Nick and a few other kids walking into school.
A weed killer is dumped into the swimming pool, causing a young athlete's skin to ripple and turn a painful red, yellow, and blue; the bolts from a scaffold are loosened and two workers plummet to their death; and the site manager has disappeared without a trace.
They frame the product because the audience isn't looking at the crops in the ad trying to figure out where it is, or what season it is, or what weed killer they're using.
Upon serious reflection, many of us might well reach for the weed killer at the first sign of a sprouting mustard seed.
The article " A Love-Hate Affair" identifies the man with the weed killer.
Buy organic produce, unbleached paper products and greener cleaners; skip weed killer and bug sprays.
Commercial development of Roundup Ready wheat, modified to be resistant to a widely used weed killer, will be deferred so that Monsanto can concentrate on research into GM corn, cotton, and oilseeds, the company said.
A selective weed killer will kill most shallow-rooted weeds while leaving the grass.