weed killer

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a chemical agent that destroys plants or inhibits their growth

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A report to councillors on the weed killer recommending its continued use says: "Glyphosate-based herbicide is used because it is currently the most effective, appropriate, safest and most used type of herbicide available.
The weed killer stolen is a potent chemical and could be extremely dangerous if it got into the wrong hands, or not handled with care.
He said since then the council has given him information on the weed killer to pass on to the vet.
Note that there's some flexibility in this date, but once the weed killer has started doing its job, you should be fast behind.
Could it be related to the weed killer or is it a virus?
The new seeds would allow farmers to use the weed killer throughout the plants' lives.
Our testing highlights a serious lack of action by public authorities across Europe and indicates that this weed killer is being widely overused," the group said.
In controlled studies, exposure to the weed killer paraquat or the fungicides maneb and mancozeb was associated with two times the risk of developing the disease.
Surely the council cannot be that short of funds that they cannot at least spray the pavements and gutters with weed killer on a regular basis during the peak growing season?
I AM surprised that G Wilks, (Examiner, August 15) should have any appreciation at all for the weed killer spraying of street-side weeds, let alone counting it as a job well done.
Paul Francois, the 47-year-old farmer, claimed in his suit that he suffered various health problems--including memory loss, headaches and instability--after he accidentally inhaled Lasso weed killer, a Monsanto product, in 2004.
He told me he'd bought a weed killer at our local hardware store to wipe them out.
Use a selective weed killer such as Round Up with glyphosate as it will go down to the roots.
GreenSteam Solutions has introduced a weed killer that uses blistering steam to eliminate pesky weeds in parking lots, sidewalks and other hard paved surfaces.
Councillor John Alden, chairman of the city's leisure watchdog committee, has carried out his own crusade against the knotweed menace over the last three years and, along with park rangers, come to the conclusion that weed killer and careful disposal is the only solution.