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I would estimate that at that moment our little group was responsible for two-thirds of the noise, and a solid three-quarters of the wee-wee, being produced in the western United States.
With Sophie's encouragement, and the addition of a Potty Points chart, she's becoming something of a wee-wee wonder.
Dad," he declared in his purposeful voice which he keeps for momentous occasions, "I've finished my wee-wee and my pooh and I've decided to let YOU wipe my bottom.
SPIDERS the size of your fist, fish that swim up your wee-wee and inside your body, and now this - yet another conclusive reason not to go to the bleedin' Amazon.
After last week's admission that I've been consorting with younger men, I've been offered free membership of a cougar dating site, a year's supply of lard and as many lady wee-wee pads as I can fill.
His least favourite job though - yes, there was actually one worse than wee-wee wader - was that of Guillemot egg collector.
The best campaign in our junior school was by a lad whose manifesto consisted of: "Vote for me and I'll show you my wee-wee.
Dina was convinced, but the icing on the cake came when Aibo cocked his leg against a tree for a virtual wee-wee.
The manager is called Sir Alex Ferguson, and the thought of upsetting him makes the little men who run our game wee-wee their panties.
He said: "I had to empty the bottles of wee-wee before taking them back to the shop for three pence a time.
But I can only have one glass of champagne because after that it kind of morphs into cat's wee-wee.
The point is that no one, Protestant, Catholic, Episcopalian, Wee Free, Wee-Wee Free, Methodist or happy-clappy evangelical, can claim that Scotland is a Christian country any longer.
A chap in the south, unused to temperatures of minus 40C, decided to have a wee-wee on his way home from the pub.
The team bus gets to, say, Cumbernauld when suddenly up goes the Codeword: Wee-wee stop.
But getting wrapped up warm, meeting your mates, buying the papers, grabbing your favourite seat on the bus, getting the cards out, doing a sweep, stopping off for a beer or some lunch, pulling in at the side of the road for a wee-wee and THEN being told it's a no-no is enough to make you heave.