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Just a wee reminder to everyone with a second-hand dog - make sure you update their details.
Wee Andy has plenty of other celebrity fans, including Sir Alex Ferguson and John Barrowman.
It is important to remember that your son is only four and hopefully with lots of positive reassurance and gentle persuasion he will learn about appropriate places to wee.
In the Pee Wee division, Raymond Wilson of the second-place Black Hawks (6-5-2) leads the Division with 26 points.
More symbolically, he was telling everyone that Pee Wee Reese, captain of the team and Southern gentleman, and Jackie Robinson, descendent of slaves, were brothers joined in the same venture - winning baseball games.
After just six months in operation, Wee Care's enrollment jumped from six to 40 children, and that pace has not slowed.
ESPN'' - has in a matter of days become a fixture on national television for a basket he made from midcourt during a Pee Wee Division game Saturday in Toluca Lake.
marketing manager who is now Wee Care's vice president: "We want to spark self-curiosity and black pride.
At the clinic desk, I'm asked to fill in a wee form, then take a wee seat.
We work to support parents by giving them a safe and relevant way to share their kids lives in the digital world," says Cory Bronson, Wee Web cofounder.
May God keep you safe Stefan, you're such a brave wee boy - Love, Carole from Cumbernauld xx.
AS Scottish Television sports presenter Wee Jim Delahunt might say - this is what you call a real needle match
VALENCIA - The Valencia/Sylmar Pee Wee (11-and-12-year-olds) Vipers ended an otherwise remarkable inaugural regular season in unremarkable fashion.
Wee Sing, which has sold over 50 million books, tapes, CDs and videos, will bring its award winning DVD series to a new generation on kidthing.
This time their opponents were several years older, not to mention significantly bigger and stronger, and the Valencia/Sylmar-based Tri-Valley Pee Wee Vipers didn't have much time to adjust to the addition of several newcomers who joined the team on a temporary basis to help them meet the challenge.