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a shoe with a wedge heel

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ON THE PULL Gavin Rumgay and his wedgie from Glasgow 2014 (below)
Somehow, "The Wedgie Shooter" just ain't got no dignity.
Last year, I started playing guitar in a pretty successful punk rock band named Wedgie.
One Web surfer proposed, "Once Dolly perfected the telekinetic wedgie, it was either succumb to the constant blackmail, like Billy, or pay the price.
Short shrift Frustrated at being forced to wait an hour or so before whipping one of his team-mates with a wet towel, St Johnstone striker Steven MacLean tries to give Jordan Turnbull a Firhill wedgie.
This isn't a man who can fight terrorists, infiltrate an evil enemy's lair and disarm a lethal weapon without so much as incurring a wedgie in his blue swimmies.
They are highwaisted and tight in the hips to give them that instant wedgie effect.
When another student heard about the accusation she also said he had bent her over and simulated sex, as well as giving her a wedgie by pulling her thong.
When asked by Koch of Rafa's grundy creep persona, Armytage had to swoop in and explain further that the grundy look was referring to a wedgie.
The company also announced that it will soon resume delivering its Farrgin Wedgie product to customers.
Other prizes handed out by league chairman Paul Millington and referee Nick Davis included team awards to Oak FC's Adil Glia, Saar Eagles' James McCrystals, British Club's Ian Butcher, St Christopher's Richard Dixon-Clarke, Wee Monty's Scot Lee, Arabian Celts' Mark Dorrian, Bayer Never Leusen's Pete Foley and the Dilmun Club's Wedgie Guire.
For the ultimate crime of missing a crucial kick in a World Cup or European Championship tie, the Hanging Wedgie could be used - a procedure where the victim is hoisted by his waistband of his underwear and suspended from a great height (ie the cross bar).
We were so used: We were the wedgie, the butt-thong between the cheek of church and the cheek of state.
But sometimes it would backfire, and he would punch me, give me a wedgie, or stuff me in a locker.
It remains unknown whether wedgie sores, "noogies," or "purple nurples" would qualify as reportable injuries.