wedding cake

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a rich cake with two or more tiers and covered with frosting and decorations


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So, with another sharp look round the room, he went out at the door; followed by Caleb with the wedding-cake on his head.
Miss Slowboy, in the mean time, who had a mechanical power of reproducing scraps of current conversation for the delectation of the baby, with all the sense struck out of them, and all the nouns changed into the plural number, inquired aloud of that young creature, Was it Gruffs and Tackletons the toymakers then, and Would it call at Pastry-cooks for wedding-cakes, and Did its mothers know the boxes when its fathers brought them homes; and so on.
George Michael's ``Faith'' plays on the soundtrack as we see a factory assembly line crank out smiling plastic wedding-cake couples that glide and then plummet off a conveyor belt.
We zeroed in on interracial wedding-cake toppers right away," says Puebla, for several reasons, the first being the dearth of competition.
I knew someone who threw Rice Krispies,'' said a wedding-cake designer, Gail Watson.