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Synonyms for blog

a shared on-line journal where people can post diary entries about their personal experiences and hobbies


Related Words

read, write, or edit a shared on-line journal

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Even though they are sometimes formed as personal diaries, weblog texts are not the ones that are created by the writer for only himself in terms of communication.
Weblogs to exploit library and information services.
Without Internet access, neither writer nor reader can access the weblog.
En este libro se transmite, a traves de una recopilacion de breves articulos, una vision pormenorizada de los weblogs, como una de las manifestaciones mas representativas de la sociedad digital, desde los diferentes ambitos y campos profesionales, contados a partir de la propia experiencia por diferentes autores, aludiendo especialmente a la situacion y evolucion de los weblogs en Espana, donde se ha experimentado un positivo incremento de comprometidos talentos creativos, cuestionando gran parte de la estructura tradicional de la empresa, la politica o la comunicacion.
Whereas weblogs went largely unnoticed and their influence underestimated by the government for some years in their infant phase, the authorities seem to devote a good portion of their time now to the analysis and restriction of weblogs and to the intimidation of bloggers.
LOGSA now manages and runs ILAR WebLIDB and WebLOG.
Starting internally also gives you a safe environment to plan, play, and learn how blogging works before creating an external Weblog.
Herald-Sun lost her job because of an entry on her personal Weblog in which she criticized her job--even though her post didn't name her company, the writer, or co-workers or bosses.
org, the weblog of 30-something Londoner Tom Coates.
For instance, my lit students created an online reader study guide for Bees, using the Weblog format.
An entire website can solely be set-up as a Weblog, but usually they are set-up as a feature on an existing site.
THE first weblog is often thought to be the Netscape What's New page, but there are varying claims to the title of oldest or earliest weblog on the net.
Like everyone did at the time, I downloaded a blog tool and started my weblog," he said.