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having open interstices or resembling a web

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This is only possible because Webby team believes in thorough market research and is committed to grow together".
Webby Central is backed by a team of dedicated SEO experts who strategize to take your business progress graphs to the top and raise websites ranking on a search page.
Ryan Davies, managing director of Gospelware, said: "The Webby Awards are awesome, and it's great to win the best user interface especially being the only UK company in our category.
Lady Gaga was also among celebrities to be recognised for her contribution to the music industry, which saw her named for two gongs, whilst Gillian Anderson was credited with the Webby Best Actress title, and Steve Buscemi received the Webby Best Actor for his role in 'Horace and Pete'.
which won a comedy Webby for its "Mean Tweets" segment.
The IADAS, which nominates and selects the Webby Award winners, is composed of web industry experts including media mogul Arianna Huffington, Skype CEO Tony Bates, Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom and creator of the gif format, Steve Wilhite.
As a nominee, Stribling is also eligible to win a Webby People's Voice Award, which is voted online.
The nomination actually puts us in the running for two awards: the Webby, which will be rewarded by a panel of illustrious, impeccably dressed judges of discerning taste, and the Webby People's Voice Award, which will be rewarded by the illustrious, impeccably dressed, voting public.
Sometimes, geeks can be chic," Vogue magazine editor-in-chief Anna Wintour said after actor Daniel Radcliffe of "Harry Potter" film fame presented her with a Webby for best fashion website.
Former 'Friends' star Lisa Kudrow will bring her "iconic style and sense of humor" to one of the web's self-congratulatory events, when the star of her own web show hosts the Webby Awards on June 13.
LOS ANGELES: The New York Times led the pack of nominees for the Webby Awards on Tuesday, sharing the spotlight for the "Oscars of the Internet" with the BBC, actor Zach Galifianakis and comedian Stephen Colbert.
0RG Web sites were recognized in almost two dozen categories in this year's Webby Awards.
Founded in 2007, WebbyConnect "brings the Webby Awards' trademark flair and style to the world of industry conferences," a release boasted, adding "By gathering innovators in diverse fields such as entertainment, advertising, and politics, WebbyConnect offers a unique opportunity to connect with leaders across disciplines and delve into trends affecting other facets of the Internet.
When Webby did it for the third time, Skinner stormed over and tried to smash the box to smithereens on the table only to find the plastic too tough to break.
com Web site has been recognized by The Webby Awards as being "Webby Worthy," a distinction made for the first time this year to recognize "sites exhibiting remarkable achievement.