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Synonyms for web-footed

having feet with webbed toes


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These web-footed recruits can keep step with the other young officers and even stand at attention on command.
The web-footed army from Antarctic is preparing to have a flippin' good time during Save The Children's 90th birthday bash, at Hatton Farm Village, near Warwick, on Sunday, June 28.
The web-footed Portuguese water dog was actually trained to herd fish into nets along the Algarve coast
Brave web-footed tracks in a duck caravan March down to the marsh and into the wetlands.
Some of the web-footed pedestrians even decided to sit it out in the middle of the highway
It's a treasure hunt with a web-footed difference and is set to have North-East theatre fans going quackers.
So, pull on your boots and prepare to splash through the muddy marshlands, home to the web-footed, webfingered Marsh-wiggles.
The Newfoundland is a large, web-footed, thick coated dog which evolved on the island off the Canadian coast from a combination of native Indian dogs and European breeds carried across the Atlantic by explorers and fishermen.
Last year, scientists described the fossil tracks of an otherwise unknown web-footed bird that lived in eastern Asia more than 110 million years ago (SN: 8/12/00, p.