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Synonyms for web-footed

having feet with webbed toes


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These web-footed recruits can keep step with the other young officers and even stand at attention on command.
Some of the web-footed pedestrians even decided to sit it out in the middle of the highway
Arriving at Newcastle Central Station (first class, of course), the web-footed star of the Theatre Royal's next production took to the attention she was creating like a duck to a well, you get the idea.
So, pull on your boots and prepare to splash through the muddy marshlands, home to the web-footed, webfingered Marsh-wiggles.
Last year, scientists described the fossil tracks of an otherwise unknown web-footed bird that lived in eastern Asia more than 110 million years ago (SN: 8/12/00, p.
22 The world's first openly gay Best Actor Oscar nominee, Nigel Hawthorne, is knighted, |23 Gwyneth Paltrow signs to star in a film of Jeanette Winterson's The Passion as a, um, web-footed, cross-dressing lesbian.
Web surfers will meet web-footed surfers when the Cayman Islands broadcasts its annual release of baby endangered turtles for the first time ever on the Internet.
Scores of fervent fans amassed to rally Daffy on to victory, amid soaring approval ratings for the web-footed fowl who's hot off the heels of a 2004 Emmy Award for his popular animated series "Duck Dodgers.