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a shared on-line journal where people can post diary entries about their personal experiences and hobbies


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Data collection (Malarvizhi, 2012) is the initial step in web log preprocessing.
The value of the web log data can be increased by studying the relevant data and then deriving a pattern of usage of the visitors of the web site.
My blog is aimed at choice-based art teachers and has inspired a number of other Web logs, some of which are listed as links.
However, the amount of negative information should be small if a company wants to attract highly-qualified and motivated applicants (Bretz and Judge, 1998; for other issues related to Web log design, see Ross, in press).
Starting a Web log is easy and takes only a few minutes, and maintaining it is inexpensive.
But blogging drew renewed attention after Microsoft chairman Bill Gates said in May that web logs and the way they were distributed could be used as business communication tools, signalling Microsoft's growing awareness of blogging as both a potential threat and a new business opportunity.
Don't write anything in a Web log that you don't want everyone or anyone in the world to see," he said.
The new features include a Browsing aroundp Google is using Blogger to run its own web log now (www.
Whether your web site produces Apache or IIS web statistics, Web Log Analyzer can auto-detect the format.
Some organizations I know are starting to use them as a way of managing projects, with the Web log acting as a periodic record of the project.
One important resource is Blogdex, which describes itself as a Web log diffusion index.
Rebecca Blood, herself a mistress of the blog universe and author of The Weblog Handbook: Practical Advice on Creating and Maintaining Your Blog, to be published in June by Perseus, defines a Web log as "a coffeehouse conversation in text, with references as required.
a leading developer of email, Web Log Analytics, and help desk applications--is offering tremendous savings on all new purchases of SmarterStats 3.
Under the terms of the partnership, customers that purchase Windows - VPS and Dedicated hosting will receive professional editions of the SmarterMail mail server, SmarterStats Web log analytics and SEO software, and SmarterTrack customer service software at no additional charge.
He began his web log in 2000 and immediately impressed nerds and non-nerds alike with his ability to focus on real problems facing software and its developers, and to find simple common-sense solutions that have escaped others.