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a program used to view HTML documents

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Web browsers maintain a list of downloaded pages so that you, and anyone who accesses your computer, can quickly review everything that you have retrieved.
Providing a complementing product available with a web browser would be taking a step in the direction of corporate business.
The use of a Web browser is generally the easiest, particularly if the -CDs contain HTML-encoded data.
Attacks on Web browsers are expected to continue rising in 2007, partially as a result of the newly-created "exploits as a service" industry.
Companies who prefer to outsource the management of speech applications can still use a web browser to change key aspects of the caller experience.
Opera Mini is the leading wireless Web browser and provides an unsurpassed user experience, making the company a perfect partner for Mobileplay," said James Ryan, CEO and founder of Mobileplay.
0 browser, a Web browser for the Mac OS X operating system built on the open source Mozilla(R) Gecko rendering engine.
to include the BitTorrent(TM) protocol in the upcoming version of the Opera Web browser.
OSLO, Norway -- Opera Software, a global leader in Web browser technologies, today announced its extended partnership with Amino, leading IPTV software and customer premises equipment provider.
Oregan(TM) Media Browser, a tri-functional solution for residential consumption of IP media on convergent consumer electronics and customer premises equipment, comprises a TV web browser, IPTV client and a Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) module.
The eMerge 50 and 440, along with the full featured eMerge 5000, are integrated security management systems with an easy-to-use web browser interface, Linux operating system, MySQL database and web server all embedded within the product, which make them easy to use, easy to install, and easy to maintain and upgrade.