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Of course, the skill required by male weaverbirds to produce a serviceable and acceptable nest is certainly greater than that required by female bluebirds.
The weaverbird perched inside the ring and built the walls and roof around himself by weaving long blades of grass in and out.
The weaverbird did not waste time trying to improve the nest.
Not only does the connection between human and another occur again in the face of death, but the weaverbirds are agentive, conscious of missing their human companion.
Nearby in a two-story exhibit, weaverbirds build hanging nests, and in a neighboring display, see hundreds of treetop-dwelling giant spiders and their babies.
They are home to over 200 species of birds including hornbills, bee-eaters, parrots, blue plantaineaters, kingfishers and weaverbirds.
A profusion of weaverbirds cavort in trees only a few metres from the guests.
after a long dry spell", "I dream of rain", "For my country" and "Like weaverbirds, not crows" paint hope in a variety of shades.
The optimism comes to a climax in "Like weaverbirds, not crows".
A few examples include: placing yellow tape on female mourning dove (Zenaidura macroura) heads (Goforth and Baskett, 1965), coloring male epaulets black on red-winged black birds (Agelaius phoeniceus; Smith, 1972), dyeing the inner wing linings of male village weaverbirds (Ploceus cucullatus) black (Collias, et al.