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Synonyms for weatherworn

worn by exposure to the weather

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Set on the sun-bathed terrace outside a weatherworn stone building, Restaurant La Campanara personified the second Italy that I was experiencing.
Fearsome masks hang from some weatherworn, wooden chalet-facades, offering a second clue (besides Catholicism) of a tradition called Tschaggatta that plays out here in the run-up to Shrove Tuesday--the last day of Carnival before Lent.
With the venue bedecked in Dalrymple's wife Olivia Fraser's paintings -- plucked straight from the walls of the couple's home -- Dalrymple settled down to read aloud passages from weatherworn copies of four of his books, some of which he had borrowed from friends.
SHOW OFF SUCCULENTS ON a south-facing patio or hot spot in the garden use weatherworn timber to make a plant stand or table.
Recent reliefs show simple human forms, recalling heavily weatherworn late Roman sculpture; these hint at some kind of dramatic setting, but, again, the original story has been irretrievably buried by time.
The cafe's website says it "is no ordinary seaside kiosk, rising like a piece of weatherworn driftwood washed up on Littlehampton's East Beach; it is at once familiar and alien to its coastal surroundings".
A review in Amateur Gardening magazine in May 1936 comments that despite Ralph's previously stated love for Cotswold and Limestone rock, 'Mr Ralph Hancock had gone to the expense of bringing a special weatherworn limestone all the way from Pennsylvania'.
The weatherworn wood gave him the idea of making an electrical lamp which could be tucked inside the natural material.
Serres' works deal in a sustained fashion with one of the most pressing contemporary issues--namely the reformulating of the once great and now weatherworn Enlightenment divisions between self and collective, society and nature, the scientific and the literary, myth and politics.
The large unstretched and unframed canvas, which is simply nailed to the wall, resembles a brilliant, if slightly weatherworn, billboard.
The area called Connemara has been bled by a centuries-long exodus, and those left behind have psyches as lonesome and weatherworn as the rugged terrain.
There was a wreath on the weatherworn cross but nothing more to designate it as a place where I assume many pilgrims have trod before me.
Their performance diligent rather than dynamic, Newcastle's efforts were not helped by the heavy and weatherworn pitch which limited the direct threat of Kieron Dyer and restricted Robert's attacking menace to the sequence of set-pieces which eventually produced the decisive goal.
In the first part of the novel, on the other hand, we meet with a more weatherworn and browbeaten Veijo of 1957, hoping to recapture some of his earlier prosperity through a new business enterprise.