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mechanical device attached to an elevated structure

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Items range from 4-inch paper figurines depicting horses and soldiers in the post-Revolutionary War era to an 8-foot hollow copper weathervane featuring a Delaware Indian leader named Tammany.
Last January, an Angel Gabriel weathervane sold for $1.
These weathervanes integrate new technologies and remote maintenance to improve reliability and manage them.
Why do you think the cartoonist chose a weathervane to illustrate this issue?
ABSTRACT Weathervane scallops (Patinopecten caurinus) have been harvested commercially in Alaska since 1967.
Labeled as a vintage shotgun weathervane, it was, true to its name, a duplication of a classic L.
FREELANCE WHALES Weathervanes (Mom+Pop) AFTER winning rave reviews at SXSW, Judah Dadone's Big Apple indie poppers have surprisingly divided the critics.
Located in the Northeastern region of PA, the company sells sheds, garages, cabins, playsets, gazebos, outdoor furniture, carports, trees, landscape and nursery supplies, water gardens, statuary, cupolas, weathervanes, giftware, and Amish-made pine/oak furniture.
Windblown: Contemporary American Weathervanes, Norman Rockwell Museum, Stockbridge, Mass.
Although I do not own one of his weathervanes, all of the cutouts in my collection would adapt nicely to form weathervanes.
The aerials (inset below) masquerade as trees, lamp-posts, weathervanes, church steeples and even a Shell petrol sign.
With their shifting sense of scale, it's almost as if they're representing silos, smokestacks, and weathervanes with parts from the real thing.
Inside the museum, exhibits range from objects drawn from the traditional folk art -- paintings, sculptures, weathervanes, flags, quilts -- of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, to the works of contemporary self-taught artists.
THESE adorable mini weathervanes can be fitted to almost anything, from fence posts and arches, porches, sheds and obelisks.