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Synonyms for weatherboard

a long thin board with one edge thicker than the other

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the side toward the wind

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The agreement applies to the entire WeatherBoards fiber cement siding product line; proven to provide a strong return on investment and exceptional curb appeal.
HIPS has the potential to form thin fireproof coatings on timbers such as weatherboards, and on metals such as structural or galvanised steel.
The rest of the year, this place probably looked like any other suburban house--parched weatherboards and sandy tile roof, tight-lipped Venetians closed against the sun.
The garden was overgrown and v nish applied to the tongue-and-groove weatherboards encasing the property in the last century has long since peeled away.
House 1 was measured in response to the plight of a family after a paint contractor power sanded all exterior paint from the weatherboards.
Other uses include interior and exterior joinery, building construction, cladding and weatherboards, sports equipment and flooring.
This class consists of units mainly engaged in producing dressed timber such as floorboards, weatherboards or mouldings, resawn timber from timber already sawn at other units, or in kiln drying or seasoning timber.
Numerous aboveground field tests have been conducted in New Zealand comparing treated and untreated "standard" L joints with decking units, Y joints, fence battens, and weatherboards with and without surface coatings for locally grown wood species (Hedley et al.
The window frames, doors and weatherboards of the house and beast-house were painted pillbox red, and the yard swept clean.
CertainTeed offers unsurpassed Freedom of Choice (TM) through its industry-leading portfolio of long-lasting Cedar Impressions Polymer Shakes, WeatherBoards (TM) fiber cement, CedarBoards (TM) insulated and numerous vinyl siding product lines.