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a long thin board with one edge thicker than the other

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I'll buy all of this except for the part that the clapboards weatherboarding idea originated in New England.
Good manners was important: the dignified post office in Kendal in the Lake District, for instance, is built of stone while that at Cranbrook is faced with white-painted Kentish weatherboarding.
This home, believed to date from the late 18th century, has a beautiful front porch finished with oak weatherboarding.
On the 150-acre residential site of St Mary's Island, Countryside Maritime has built the Fishing Village, offering one-, two- and three-bedroomed waterfront apartments, designed to reflecttraditional Kent architecture, using weatherboarding in a variety of colours.
18-22 Main Street, Monks Kirby - construction of rear extension, replacement of rear extension and conservatory plus internal alterations and provision of weatherboarding to side gable.
The 8x10 camera spares no detail, in the strictly parted cap of dark hair pulled back over the ears, in the V-collared cotton print dress, in the grain of the horizontal weatherboarding behind her; wing-shapes in the wood grain pick up the horizontal lines of Allie Mae's mouth and eyes.
50m having a Gross Internal Floor area of 222mThe Construction comprises strip and pad foundations, concrete floor slab, a combination of structural steel framing and structural composite timber kit wall panels, metal cladding and timber weatherboarding to the external walls with aluminium windows and doors.
The hotel will be built in stone and weatherboarding to complement The Aspley restaurant and other buildings in the area.
Details includes weatherboarding contrasts, steep gables, some dramatic glazing and balconies for soaking in the views.
Weatherboarding and cladding are all tackled by this helpful firm, rotten roof timbers and other wood can be replaced and they work with Aquaseal to make roofs water repellent and preserve them.
DAY 1: Scaffolding goes up, house arrives; WEEK 1: A panel of the new home arrives on site, complete with a window incorporating fly screens; WARMING UP: The Lifebreath unit is the heart of the Super E House; SHOWPIECE: Week 3, and the structure is complete; DAY 2: The ground floor takes shape; hape; DAY 3: House reaches the third level; DAY 5: The roofing team get to work; DAY 7: The weatherboarding goes on; AIRY: One of the double bedrooms Pictures: LEWIS DURHAM
She has only to step outside the cottage, with its white weatherboarding and its picket fence, and walk the lane where an occupying enemy once marched, to share a way of life Paul and his comrades fought to protect.