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Synonyms for weatherboard

a long thin board with one edge thicker than the other

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the side toward the wind

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Visitors can stroll through the fish market, see the pretty weatherboarded homes and venture out to the shops that have everything from antiques to locally produced art.
The barn is a handsome, brick and weatherboarded building, some 2,271 sq ft with office space on part of the first floor.
But until I stood on the sloping terrace of a large and weatherboarded house, its windows hidden by heavy pinewood shutters and the whole building covered in early morning mist, I hadn't realised how remote it's possible to be.
Timber-framed houses with their jettied storeys, in so many ways like their English antecedents were, at an early date weatherboarded outside and panelled inside.
He saw a higgledy-piggledy little town of weatherboarded houses, a square, a stone-built cotton ginnery, two churches and a spa hotel.