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Synonyms for weatherboard

a long thin board with one edge thicker than the other

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the side toward the wind

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External Weatherboard Weatherboard was a cladding very common budding material for houses around this time due to the abundance of timber available from the vast areas of bushland being cleared in Queensland.
The Big Steal opens in suburbia, on the trim and modest weatherboard cottage that is home to the Clark family.
Properly insulated render is the way to go - this is an insulated weatherboard, fixed over the wall and rendered.
Properlyinsulated render is the way to go - this is an insulated weatherboard, fixed over the wall and rendered.
Dual cleaning the windows including frame, grooves, folds, weatherboard and window sills, as well as the glass surfaces (glass doors, glass partitions, glass bricks, skylights and glass roofs, other glazing) the designated school buildings and related objects, even according annually extent lists and specifications
In the first half of the twentieth century, Lake Tyers was considered a modern place with new three-roomed weatherboard buildings where 'the few remaining blacks live happily'.
Floor area squared was also generated; exterior cladding--the houses were grouped into five categories: brick, fibrolite, roughcast, weatherboard, mixed and other; age of dwelling and age squared--the ValBiz[TM] sales database provides the decade in which the house was constructed.
The year Nonna Margherita died, 1966, we were living in our first home, a weatherboard house in Yarraville.
They settled in a weatherboard house, Frogmore, in the isolated landscape that Gaita fell in love with.
Lucy McKenzie is sent to stay, without her family, at her aunt Big's secluded weatherboard farmhouse.
They were just two little kids, but their clothes were--obviously battling people, paying off a little three-bedroom weatherboard in 1950.
Soon after she was granted a war widow's block at Marino on the coastal fringe of Adelaide where she erected a simple weatherboard home, known as The Chalet, into which Marie and their mother Emily also moved.
When business turned bad during the Depression, the family was forced to sell its large home in Heidelberg and rent a modest weatherboard house in working class Preston.
However, Simon Abney-Hastings from Wangaratta said that he is more at home in his three-bedroom weatherboard than he would be in the 1000-room Windsor Castle.