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Synonyms for weather

Synonyms for weather

to exist in spite of adversity

Synonyms for weather

face and withstand with courage

cause to slope

sail to the windward of

change under the action or influence of the weather

towards the side exposed to wind


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You could tell that much from the historical record in this weatherbeaten cardboard box.
It's a wind-blown, weatherbeaten life, but it would be a lot harder if it weren't for the warming stream of winners flowing from Quinn's twin training bases of Bellwood Cottage Stables and Highfield, still known locally as 'Elsey's' in honour of the legendary captain who sent out six Classic winners from the yard.
Workmen are restoring the weatherbeaten Victorian stable blocks and Grade II-listed 17th century dovecote.
In winter hands become weatherbeaten and its important that they are protected from chapping and ageing.
I think I liked it better when the attention was from muscly, weatherbeaten builders bending over scaffolding on building sites.
The weatherbeaten faces of the market stall holders who take over Bantry town on Fridays speak of a hard lifestyle.
After losing his wife (Cate Blanchett in hell-cat mode) and his parents, Quoyle, his daughter and aunt (Judi Dench) go home to weatherbeaten Newfoundland to lay a few ghosts to rest.
Speaking from Greenland, he added: "We are black and blue, dehydrated, weatherbeaten, frost-nipped - and it was all worth it.
It centred on a young boy whose father had died, leaving his weatherbeaten mother to take him to the local monastery to be a monk.
The image of the farmer was, to me anyway, a reticent elderly, weatherbeaten chap in a flat cap leaning on his stick by the farm gate.
We've brightened up the weatherbeaten old table above by treating it with garden furniture paint.
Groundstaff continue to work on the weatherbeaten wicket in Galle
The crowd looks weatherbeaten, probably because of the weather, and they've even got a stall called 'The Farmer's Friend', although it doesn't sell cough sweets, or shotguns, but flat caps.