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delayed or shut in by bad weather

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SURVIVAL blankets designed by a North Wales firm to keep weather-bound mountaineers alive are to be pressed into service with United States special forces around the world.
JL: I also notice that you take a kind of pride in standing apart from all of these other things, too, and that maybe that's an integral part of your poetry and your aesthetic because in "I Never Scream," you say, "I have a lock-in psyche / leather padded, hinged / I am weather-bound, insulated.
That said, there is no reason why gardeners without the advantage of even a cool greenhouse have to remain weather-bound until the end of March or April, marooned in the house, surrounded by a sea of saturated or frozen ground which it is safer to avoid until warmer, drier weather arrives.
American Ballet Theatre veteran Alaine Haubert, substituting for a weather-bound Suki Schorer, demonstrates Italian fouettes for Paquita variations ("The Cynthia Harvey variation and the Leslie Browne variation," she says, chuckling), while Mayo Clinic surgeon Dr.
I could see only about 30 yards--but those 30 yards included a stretch of the trail I thought he'd use when he got as tired of being weather-bound as I was.