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one of a network of observation posts where meteorological data is recorded

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We usually get this information from data based on national weather station measurements, like the one at the airport, but for our programme, we wanted to know exactly what the weather is like close to our stadium sites," he said.
Chilengwe clarified that although it's not new to have a weather station close to a stadium: "It may be that we're using it differently because of the range and types of instruments we have.
If more weather stations are set up at smaller distances, more reliable data can be gathered," he added.
I teach weather and climate to our first and second-year students so the data from the weather station will be used in various practical exercises.
Combining vibrant color and contrasting textures in a sleek slim-line modern design, these projection clocks show the indoor/outdoor temperatures so you can dress for rain or shine, along with an AM/FM clock radio and weather station in some models.
On the recommendation of the Met Office, each postcode area is assigned to a weather station with the most similar climate in terms of mean winter temperature.
It is a story of small groups of men, Danes, Inuit and Germans tracking each other over the ice, sudden bursts of machine-gun fire, strafings from above, ships sinking and weather station huts burning.
Will someone please provide the locations of specific weather stations that indicate the trend shown by the NASA graph, instead of just showing NASA's compilation of weather station data?
The city's first weather station opened at Glamorgan Cricket's Swalec Stadium, Sophia Gardens, meaning information about temperature, rainfall, pressure, wind direction and speed and humidity can be compiled close to the city centre.
The statement added that the statistical records of long-term temperatures since 1974 at the weather station in Muscat International Airport, indicate that the maximum air temperature ever recorded, according to the World Meteorological Organisation Criteria for establishing and operating weather stations, was 49 degrees Celsius.
Radio signals will send the information to Lee's computer inside the weather station.
The Irdam WST 6000 compact automatic weather station has recently been 'militarised' for use from small vehicles.
Students from the college are monitoring UV levels at their school as part of the 'UV and me' project, which uses data from the Caulfield South Weather Station--a fully professional weather station set up for the use of children.
The Atlas Weather Station is ideal for companies that have their own test site.
Each school will have a computer used solely to access, record and share data from its weather station.