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an oceangoing vessel equipped to make meteorological observations

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The ship~s trousers uniform set of wet weather ship printed uniforms slepiamuoju drawing) - 1620 pcs.
Retired airline pilot Captain Paul Eschenfelder recently reminded me of the past existence of these so-called weather ships.
The reliability of jets and the availability of unmanned weather buoys (and later, satellites) also eliminated the need for weather ships.
Send built his case for more thoroughly monitoring the open ocean--not with weather ships, but with a network of moored surface buoys laden with instruments that communicate with satellites.
At war's end, the Navy intended to discontinue weather ship operations, but pressure from several sources resulted instead in establishment of a permanent peacetime system of 13 stations.
In 1974, the Coast Guard announced plans to terminate the US stations, and, in 1977, the last weather ship was replaced by a newly developed buoy.
However, over the years, several other research vessels have serviced the site, and the present practice is to call the time series Station S, in keeping with the convention for many weather ship sites.
So back to sea in 1949 with the Air Ministry weather ships sailing out of Greenock on the Clyde.
The former Met Office worker spent 21 years on weather ships in the North Atlantic from 500 miles south of Iceland to the Bay of Biscay.
In addition to U-boats, German trawlers, weather ships, and supply ships were boarded and their code material taken to the Allied code breakers.
He joined the Met Office in 1947 and worked on Atlantic weather ships (1953-56), at Eskdalemuir Observatory (1950-53), in the Maldives (1975-76), and in Germany (1979-84).
Jon Baddeley, of London auctioners Bonhams, said: "In the end, more conventional raids on U-boats and weather ships secured the precious books.
A modest effort along these lines was made after World War H when weather ships were maintained at specific sites by several nations (see following article).
We probably know less about what goes on over the ocean from day to day now than we did 30 years ago, because 30 years ago we had weather ships, and weather reports from other ships were more numerous,' says Kerry A.
The company builds SPB system LNG vessels, ultra slender type super-high speed ferries, luxury cruisers and weather ships, patrol boats, support vessels, etc.