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a satellite that transmits frequent picture of the earth below

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With more channels, upgraded electronics, and at a much lower cost than current imaging sensors, the Exelis electro-optical/infrared environmental sensor will provide an increase in capabilities above existing defense weather satellite sensors.
We are proud to be playing an important part in ensuring that Japan now has one of the world's most advanced geostationary weather satellite systems.
weather satellite since May 2003 to provide visual images for weather forecasts in place of the Himawari 5.
We have geostationary weather satellites ringing the planet," says Goodman, "but what we need is greater temporal sampling from [higher-resolution] lower-orbiting satellites that pass over a point on Earth much less frequently--two to four times per day--to achieve the needed global coverage.
The Multifunctional Transport Satellite (MTSAT) was commissioned in 2000 to be built by Space Systems/Loral to replace the Japanese weather satellite Himawari 5 and provide next-generation aeronautical communications and navigational services.
March 13, 1989: GOES-7, a weather satellite, lost half of its solar cells.
The 16 GPS satellites, 13,000 miles up, could send signals to a lower-orbit communications or weather satellite, explains Stanford senior research scientist David Hinston.
On October 28 the most advanced weather satellite ever developed was launched.
to build its revolutionary weather satellite constellation launching in 2016 and 2017.
has secured a contract worth a $20 million to support NOAA s Geostationary Weather Satellite Antenna System program.
Part 2 of our animated timeline picks up where Part 1 left off -- with the launch of the TIROS weather satellite.
WEATHER SATELLITE ORBITING--The United States has launched into orbit the first baby weather station in space.
The boffins at Cardiff University's school of physics and astronomy have helped design a weather satellite for the red planet, which will be part of Nasa's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, due to launch from Cape Canaveral, Florida, on August 10.
A NEW weather satellite which will improve forecasting and could save thousands of lives is due to be launched tonight.
6 billion over operating separate military and civilian weather satellite programs, officials said.
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