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upper deck having no overhead protection from the weather, but sheltering the deck below

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Walk the weather deck, tour the engine room and check out the ship's infirmary and crew berths.
Tenders are invited for Biennial Rate Contract For Blasting Painting Of Underwater Above Water Hull Inside Tanks Compartments And Weather Deck Of Different Ships Under Construction At Grse
Gunner's Mate 2nd Class Justin Shea fires a Mark-19 40mm grenade launcher from the weather deck aboard the Arleigh Burkeclass guided missile destroyer USS Hopper (DGG 70) during a familiarization firing.
Before the loading got underway, 31 members of the Pililaau clan toured the ship and were even permitted to drive their personal vehicles up the ship's ramp and onto its weather deck.
DynCorp contractors then began moving UH-60s via the stern ramp while we started lift-on/lift-off operations on the weather deck.
Tenders are invited for Biennial rate contract for Blasting & Painting of underwater/above water Hull, inside tanks/compartments, and weather deck of different ships under construction at GRSE
The heat is oppressive, and you realize it the moment you step through the watertight door onto the weather deck of any ship in the gulf.
The configuration comprises a complete flat integrated weather deck capable of handling cargo up to 135 meters long and cranes with lifting limit of 3 by 350 tons or 700 tons in tandem.
However, the hull and weather deck shall be constructed to a sufficient strength standard for operation in sea area 2 (up to 60 nautical miles from a safe haven).
Limited Tenders are invited for Final Painting Of Ms Weather Deck And Aluminum Exposed Decks For Yard 2109 12
Tenders are invited for Establishing three years repair/renewal rate contract for surface preparation and painting works of above water areas and weather deck
Tenders are invited for Pre Commissioning Ship Side Painting Final Painting On Weather Deck And Under Water Painting For Yard No 3018 At Vizag