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meteorological balloon used to observe air currents

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Caption: A typical rubber weather balloon bursting at 29,690 m asl over Colorado at -50[degrees]C.
A view of Aberystwyth from the weather balloon launched from a school playground
Young scientists (left to right) Lewis Danks, Matthew Dent, Victoria Porley and Ugne Dudzeviciute inflate their weather balloon, which was then launched by Ugne when she cut the tethering rope
Roswell Rediscovered The Roswell story remained buried until 1978 when Major Jesse Marcel, one of the military officers who had recovered the debris, confessed the weather balloon explanation had been a cover story.
In another missive he warned: "Since you have refused to send independent observers to Parc Cefni I will be arranging for a weather balloon to be raised daily at the corner of our property.
TEEN'S AMAZING PHOTO: Two high school students captured this image of Earth using equipment carried aloft by a weather balloon.
All you need need is a camera, weather balloon and Duct Tape," they said.
knew the kids could research online what tools they would need, including a weather balloon and an insulated-foam cooler.
the Project Icarus team assembled the payload, secured the cooler with duct tape, tied it to a helium-filled weather balloon and set it free from a field near a warehouse off Route 20 west of the Center at Hobbs Brook.
The 300g specimen of West Country Farmhouse Cheddar was sent into the outer atmosphere at the end of July in a weather balloon before landing safely in a garden in Buckinghamshire.
An ascending weather balloon can climb at over 1000 FPM--easily able to appear from "nowhere" if you were unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
They blocked a 1-mile section of the road for 90 minutes as the bomb squad examined the package, which contained batteries and wiring, and determined that the package was part of a weather balloon.
PRISONERS had to be evacuated from a Scots prison after a fallen weather balloon sparked a bomb scare.
Up to six tethersonde sensor systems are attached at various points along the tether line of a weather balloon, measuring atmospheric conditions simultaneously at different heights.