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meteorological balloon used to observe air currents

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A view of Aberystwyth from the weather balloon launched from a school playground
Its report concluded the incident had involved the crash of a high-altitude weather balloon being used in a top secret project to detect evidence of Soviet nuclear tests.
CUTLINE: (1) The exploded remains of the weather balloon is photographed by the camera in the cooler as it descends by parachute from 93,000 feet.
The 300g specimen of West Country Farmhouse Cheddar was sent into the outer atmosphere at the end of July in a weather balloon before landing safely in a garden in Buckinghamshire.
I watch as Lee Foster and his assistant, Sonia Mark Flechtner, launch a weather balloon.
They blocked a 1-mile section of the road for 90 minutes as the bomb squad examined the package, which contained batteries and wiring, and determined that the package was part of a weather balloon.
PRISONERS had to be evacuated from a Scots prison after a fallen weather balloon sparked a bomb scare.
AG3 Mandy Fetterman launches a 100-gram weather balloon as part of her duties to gather and record weather information aboard USS Preble (DDG 88).
Up to six tethersonde sensor systems are attached at various points along the tether line of a weather balloon, measuring atmospheric conditions simultaneously at different heights.
An official report has confirmed that a Braathens flight carrying 45 people almost collided with a weather balloon over Bodo in Norway on 28 November last year.
And when an airborne missile detection system crashed in New Mexico in 1947, leading many residents to think that an alien spaceship had landed, military authorities claimed the wreckage to have been a weather balloon.
Using a helium-filled weather balloon, the goal is to recover images of the curvature of the earth and blackness of space from an altitude of 100,000 feet and to measure atmospheric conditions above 99% of the mass of the earth's atmosphere.
Pupils, staff and parents at Ysgol Gymraeg Aberystwyth launched a weather balloon from the school yard which carried an onboard camera, GPS trackers and a computer to measure altitude, temperature and the motion of the balloon.
If you look close you'll see that it's just swamp gas from a weather balloon was trapped in a thermal pocket and reflected the light from Venus," eaglecroft wrote.