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Synonyms for weary

Synonyms for weary

Synonyms for weary

lose interest or become bored with something or somebody

physically and mentally fatigued


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In today's busy world we still seem to feel weary, worn and sad.
When asked about his favorite part of playing his closeted character, Weary gave a funny answer, saying, "getting to iron money.
Commercial banks in South Africa are said to be weary of compliance costs that have been affecting their profits.
Weary finds a second chance and much-needed distance from Montgomery by becoming Cole's driver and trusted friend in Los Angeles.
Apart from the half-disguised cross motif, a weary traveler might well wonder whether he was about to stumble into a mall, a lady's washroom, or a Bible chapel.
Huge, vibrant colored illustrations show a weary ant in a jungle of grass, who is reinvigorated by the thrilling Cajun music of a grasshopper fiddling with his buggy band.
Leaving Lazenby village to tread the "old farm track" (Mustn't get too weary tho', 'cos will have to walk this way back) Hoping to catch the Arriva bus as it connects along the bend.
Roth excels as a weary assassin lumbered with the plodding son (O'Donnell) of a crime boss and the story truly engages as the mismatched pair bond.
To be weary is not a condition of the body--that's tiredness.
8220;We find that most of our participants can't fully commit until after the holidays, when most families begin to talk spring break and summer travel plans,” said Celeste Weary program director at SPI Study Abroad.
WORLD WEARY 3 Charlotte Rampling and Gabriel Byrne star
This easy read chapter book tells the story of Weary Dunlop's life.
Weary Dunlop and the Burma-Thailand Railway ISBN 9781420281125 SCIS 1499146; C.
There is much speculation concerning the origin of the blues lyrics Hughes quotes in his poem "The Weary Blues.
Summary: Coach Andy Flower insists England are excited rather than weary as they head into the Champions Trophy.