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containerId=prUS41996116) report released earlier this month from International Data Corporation (IDC), the wearable market saw just a 3.
Wearable sensors are embedded in wearable devices to monitor bodily activities, which include blood pressure, body temperature and heart rate, which is driving the healthcare industry as it enables remote data access.
Rise in availability of enterprise-focused wearable apps has made the handling of workloads easier.
Amongst the biometric technologies, facial recognition was found to be the most appropriate modality for wearable technology followed by voice identification, to be amalgamated with wearable technologies.
The report also provides valuable insights into the adoption of core wearable features, such as form factor, connectivity, sensors, operating sys-tems, and applications, and offers invaluable assistance to tech firms looking to develop successful long-term business strategies for wearable devices.
According to Raj Nimesh, Senior Market Analyst, Client Devices, IDC, "The wearable market is rapidly gaining traction as it provides an easy health tracking mechanism to the users.
Nichols: The wearable technology revolution holds tremendous promise for the medical device industry.
The survey asked more than 300 human resource and wellness professionals questions about how they utilize wearable devices like how often they collect data, the information they collect, the platform they use as well as questions regarding the decision-making that went into these programs.
This research evaluates the current state of the wearable technology ecosystem including devices, applications, and industry segments.
These sophisticated wearables can support doctors in diagnosis and follow-up of illnesses, and they offer a huge opportunity in illness prevention by serving as a virtual personal coach," stated Chris Van Hoof, program director of imec's wearable health program.
Librarians who are interested in incorporating wearable technologies into library programs and services will appreciate this handy guide as few works address the challenges of understanding and deploying wearables in any setting, let alone libraries.
USPRwire, Sun Mar 13 2016] 2015 marked the true arrival of wearable electronics in Germany.
New analysis from Frost & Sullivan, Futuristic Outlook of Wearable Technology in Key Applications, finds that the use of wearables is expanding beyond fitness tracking to include applications in consumer electronics, automotive, sports, industrial processes and homeland security.
Wearable technology has the opportunity to change the way we work.
An explosion of new products, a growing number of vendors and solid consumer adoption has stimulated recent growth in the global wearable device market.