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turn into the wind

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Reputed to be the world's deadliest guerrilla force with trademark suicide killers who have killed a Sri Lankan president, a former Indian prime minister and a Sri Lanka navy commander along with dozens of senior service officers and VIPs, the Tigers bite cyanide capsules they wear round their necks in preference to being taken captive.
I don't think that the swim wear round objectifies the women taking part in any way - the audiences are really supportive, which just helps confidence grow.
Karla, who lives in Bedworth and will be cheered on by her family at the grand nals, said: "ere's been a lot of preparation going on and I have just been to the beach beauty wear round at Torquay harbour and I am the rst Miss Coventry ever to be chosen for this round.
We do basically the same thing for the final, but we also have a photo shoot and a swim wear round in Union Jack suits and the same sports and evening rounds.
The competition is made up of a bikini round, fashion wear, interview, photo shoot and an evening wear round.
So "keep your mind on your driving and your hands on the wheel", as the old song says, and stop polishing that halo you now wear round your neck
Her next moment in the spotlight was in the evening wear round, in which she wore a one-shoulder full-length white gown.
As well as answering the panel's questions, they will take part in three catwalk rounds, dressed in rugby and football shirts for Welshwear, in the beach hunk surfwear category and dinner-suited and booted for the evening wear round.
Then we had the competition itself and we had our Welsh wear round where we did a dance without pom-poms.
Not just because of the huge transparent lampshade she has to wear round her neck in order to stop her from "worrying" her wound, but because of a number of other ugly scars from previous accidents.
We have a swimwear round, a casual round and an evening wear round.
These are an Eco wear round, a sportswear round and an evening dress round.
Stephanie said: "There's a sports round, a talent round - where I will display my skills at belly dancing - an eco round where I'm making my own dress for the Queen's diamond jubilee and an evening wear round with a bride's dress donated for the night from Bride's and Dreams in Redcar.