wear away

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Synonyms for wear away

cut away in small pieces

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become ground down or deteriorate

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It can only be cleaned by specialist conservators every few years because frequent cleaning would wear away the marble, and it would then need to be recast in bronze.
As they wear away they reach a point where cells can no longer divide and die - which is one of the key elements to ageing.
He said: "The thinking was a metal-on-metal ball and socket joint should be far more effective and hard-wearing for patients than the older style metal-on-polymer system where the softer polymer tended to wear away quite quickly, releasing particles and eventually causing the artificial joint to fail.
The new grade is infused with Biomaster, and Zotefoams says that unlike a surface treatment, the additive will remain present and active for the complete life of the foam and will not wash out or wear away.
2 : to rub so as to wear away or make sore <Chains chafed the skin of the animal's legs.
Natural England, previously known as English Nature, wants fossil-bearing cliffs on the Suffolk coast to be allowed to wear away, exposing stratas of soil and rock for study.
The polymer/ceramic-based coating contains no TBT (tributyl tin) or VOCs and does not ablate or wear away.
Both plates can be welded or bolted to existing diamond plate structures and will not wear away over time.
This protection will not wash off or wear away providing antimicrobial protection for the lifetime of the product.
The Hilo sink is made from solid-surface material, so the color goes all the way through and can't wear away.
2 WATCH YOUR DRINKS Fruit juices, wine and fizzy drinks are high in acid which can wear away the enamel on your teeth, so try to avoid swishing them round your mouth.