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Yet, the emergence of cyberspace as a domain and the thought of conducting operations in it versus just through it that has forced a paradigm shift in which the network has become a weapons platform and the information within it acts as munitions that can be fired or forces that can be moved and maneuvered on the virtual battlefield.
The weapons platform contractor and the armaments contractor(s) enter into written agreement(s) pursuant to which the contractor(s) selling the armaments agrees to perform part of the offset agreement required by the foreign government
The major said some people may have difficulty understanding how a tanker is considered a weapons platform.
All the New Zealand vehicles would be based on the latest 6x6 version of the Pinzgauer, with automatic transmission, including canvas-top, hard-top, workshop, ambulance and weapons platform variants.
4 million and will support on-going program management activities related to the migration of the previously unarmed Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to an expanded role as a weapons platform.
A number of highly capable vehicles like Steyr's Pinzgauer 4 X 4 (1000 kg payload) and 6 X 6 (1500 kg) have found widespread use in a variety of weapons platform roles.
Poland was one of the few Warsaw Pact nations outside of the USSR that designed and manufactured a complete weapons platform, in this case the helicopters that were built at the Polskie Zaklady Lotnicze Polish Aviation Works (PZL).
The unmanned aerial vehicle would be used to re-supply combat troops and as a weapons platform.
Improving the way that training development is integrated into the life cycle of a weapons platform is a much needed acquisition reform.
The system consists of a weapons platform mounted on a Talon robot, a product of the engineering and technology development firm Foster-Miller.
The new HEV can serve as a mine-proof troop transport vehicle, a law enforcement special response vehicle, a weapons platform, or an escort protection vehicle.
CaMEL is an innovative solution that reaches out and touches power in a new way - it's a robotic transport and weapons platform that actually generates, not just uses, power," Coker said.
In addition, Marvin Test Solutions is showcasing the MTS-235 F-35 armament tester, a portable test set that combines the test capabilities of an I-Level and D-Level test set in a compact, rugged, flight-line qualified enclosure; the MTS-209 common armament test set that provides I-Level armament test capabilities for F-16, F-15, and many other platforms; the GBATS bench-top production tester; and, various O-Level armament testers for the Hellfire weapons platform at the Paris Air Show.
This engine will efficiently deliver all the power necessary to achieve hot and high performance, while surpassing the increased payload demands of our weapons platform.
and Allied navy's sea-launched weapons by providing capability to respond to numerous (existing and emergent) warfare threats from the same weapons platform.
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