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military vehicle that is a light truck designed to carry mortars or machine guns and their crews

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CITY OF SAN FERNANDO-A six-wheel Chevy truck the United States Army used as a weapons carrier and which it abandoned at the close of World War II in the Philippines in 1945 started the fleet that Victory Liner Inc.
Contract notice: Shiftwork swivel chairs, also for weapons carrier
The AMC is being offered in 6 x 6 and 8 x 8 configurations in various models including armoured personnel carrier, infantry fighting vehicle, command post, ambulance, weapons carrier, forward observation vehicle, NBC reconnaissance vehicle and engineer vehicle.
According to UQM, the 4x4 hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) can be equipped in "a range of mission variants including: forward observer, forward air control, reconnaissance, light strike, battlefield ambulance, air defense, logistics, personnel carrier, anti-armor and mortar weapons carrier.
The B-1B flight test work is supporting a $2 billion effort to turn the nuclear weapons carrier, built in Palmdale in the 1980s, into a bomber capable of engaging in conventional warfare.
Army and performs a variety of roles from cargo and troop carrier, to shop and cargo van carrier, to artillery and air defense missile weapons carrier.
We rode together in a weapons carrier, a canvascovered leftover from the war, bigger than a jeep and smaller than a 6Aa[euro]"6.
Payload Category B vehicles will carry a 1850 to 2040-kg payload and be built in following 'sub-configurations': a six seat Infantry Carrier, Fire Team, a six-seat Reconnaissance vehicle, a four-seat Command & Control On The Move vehicle, a Heavy Guns Carrier that seats four and a gunner, a four-seat Close Combat Weapons Carrier, a two-seat Utility vehicle and an Ambulance which seats three and carries two litters.
Rockwell also has about 530 workers at Plant 42 and at Edwards Air Force Base working on the B-1B bomber, which is being converted from a nuclear weapons carrier into a bomber capable of using non-nuclear missiles and bombs.
The Flyer(R) ITV, or ALSV (Advanced Light Strike Vehicle), is a multi-role, military light tactical vehicle that fills a number of military requirements for a lightweight, highly mobile vehicle capable of fast attack, serving as a weapons carrier, or use for command and control or logistical support.
Although it was pressed into service as a reconnaissance vehicle and a weapons carrier the unarmoured Jeep was not designed for front-line combat operations.
German troops then drove up, and one soldier in a weapons carrier took a shot at the prisoners.
The B-1B, which is being converted from a nuclear weapons carrier to a conventional warfare bomber, will be able to carry 24 JDAM bombs.
If you have any information on weapons carriers, you should contact Police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111
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