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Mahmud, however, refused to reveal the scale of the arms provided by the US, only noting that it was relatively humble and not enough in comparison with the weaponry it supplied to the Iraqi army for the liberation of Mosul.
Phoenix Weaponry offers a selection of stock models ranging in price from $1,300 to $5,600, as well as custom parts, finishes, accessories and silencers.
It is signed defense agreements with India, but it is not easy to shift on American weaponry.
Animals do not start wars and they do not create weaponry, yet because humans do, they are made to suffer in war zones and in laboratories.
Visaya said Duterte was just probably misquoted when the media reported that the Philippines was considering buying new weaponry from China and Russia.
Alchemy Custom Weaponry Founder Robert Schauland was our target in acquiring ACW.
Egypt's support of one side in Libya is the main motive behind it wanting weaponry and arms to remain in the country.
The army combed the houses and removed explosive devices and bombs planted by ISIS terrorists before being killed and their arms and weaponry destroyed.
But the details of this will be certainly revealed in the coming weeks, because the two parties have agreed to come back to us with proposals on how we can undertake the withdrawal, how we can undertake the issue of heavy weaponry and the medium size weaponry.
BEIRUT: A French official said Thursday that there would be no delay in the transfer of much-needed weaponry to the Lebanese Army, the Central News Agency reported.
Islamabad -- Capital police is equipped with low quality weaponry making them vulnerable to terrorist activities and unable to defend themselves.
The names of foreign nationals, awarded by the Weaponry Fund of the Prime Minister for their contribution to the development of law enforcement and assisting in providing security of Kyrgyzstan, are contained in documents marked with the stamps "For Official Use Only" and "Confidential".
In Animal Weapons, Emlen, a biologist at the University of Montana in Missoula, explains the science behind those arms races, including how battles for resources and females can influence the evolution of weaponry and how this sort of competition has resulted in some of the craziest looking appendages to ever grace an elk's head or a beetle's back.
If the sad chapter of the US' illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003 was not bad enough, a special investigation by the New York Times into Washington's handling of Saddam Hussain's disparate chemical weaponry adds a further pitiful tone to this entire miscalculated and misguided mission.
Pentagon warns that China is narrowing the gap with the US in high-tech weaponry, spending binge surpasses official figures.