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The sources added that the clashes ended up with the killing of a number of terrorists and the elimination of their weaponry.
Animals do not start wars and they do not create weaponry, yet because humans do, they are made to suffer in war zones and in laboratories.
The DPR announced at the end of July that it completed the withdrawal of weaponry of less than 100mm caliber from the contact line, leaving tanks only in "hot spots" to the north of Donetsk and in Debaltsevo.
BEIRUT: A French official said Thursday that there would be no delay in the transfer of much-needed weaponry to the Lebanese Army, the Central News Agency reported.
Old weaponry of police, SMG and 8mm has been outdated due to which orders were passed for incorporating latest weapons.
The Weaponry Fund Award of the Prime Minister was established in 2005 by the order of Prime Minister Felix Kulov.
Throughout the book, Emlen draws parallels between the evolution of animal weaponry and human weaponry.
While that is bad enough, the US, in its haste to maintain secrecy, exposed ill-equipped and poorly trained Iraqi forces to the weaponry.
and its allies in key areas such as cyber weaponry and missiles.
We will not be able to adopt and accept any agreement that keeps Iran within a range of months to a year from nuclear weaponry, because such an agreement would not hold water," Steinitz said, reiterating Israel's demand that its arch-enemy be stripped of nuclear capabilities.
HAT-TRICK OF HIGHLIGHTS The Red Faction weaponry is endless
They are attempting to acquire these arms, along with anti-tank rockets, and deliver them to rebel groups in hopes that this advanced weaponry will tip the balance and topple Assad.
When they fight for them they sometimes evolve weaponry - such as antlers or a really big body size or big teeth.
As well as offering a wide array of weaponry, each battleground is also littered with vehicles and destructible terrain and each level also has a game-changing event that can be triggered, such as bursting the banks of a river.
The United States currently is dominant in this field of weaponry but China is rapidly catching up and has already developed its own highly sophisticated equivalent and how long will it be before these silent bringers of death proliferate?