weapon-grade plutonium

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plutonium 239 that is recovered when nuclear weapons are disassembled

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htm) Department of State , the PMDA was renewed and updated on April 13, 2010, under which "Russia reaffirmed its commitment to dispose of its surplus weapon-grade plutonium and presented a technically and financially credible approach for disposition.
The expansion of the Khushab nuclear site with the addition of reactors 2, 3 and 4 appears to be part of a strategic effort by Pakistan to boost weapon-grade plutonium production," ISIS said in its latest report.
Macmanus said that Iran is not co-operating in providing the crucial details so that the IAEA is assured of absence of undeclared nuclear materials and activities because the heavy water reactor can be reprocessed to produce weapon-grade plutonium.
Russia has also shut down its last remaining weapon-grade plutonium
This program seeks to convert 34 metric tons each of excess weapon-grade Plutonium (Pu), enough for 16,000 weapons, into nonweapon forms.
After START II, the Russians will have exactly as much fissionable material as they had before the treaty was negotiated--over 900 tons of highly enriched uranium and weapon-grade plutonium.
Operating at 80% of their known capacities, Indian reprocessing plants could have separated more than one ton of weapon-grade plutonium, sufficient for approximately 96 to 294 nuclear warheads.