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the act of substituting other food for the mother's milk in the diet of a child or young mammal

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Rather, influences of weaning weight or age on post-weaning growth performance have been studied.
y is a vector of animal record for weaning weight, clip I, II and III yields,
The kid parameters analyzed were birth weights, growth rates and weaning weights, and doe parameters analyzed were milk yield, post-partum weight and doe weight at weaning.
The growth traits used for the analysis were birth weight (BW), 60 Day weight (60DW), weaning weight (WW) and pre-weaning daily gain (PrWDG).
In a study on Baluchi sheep, the heritability of the number of lambs born per ewe in each lambing, total birth weight and total weaning weight of lambs per ewe per lambing have been reported as 0.
We don't claim to be number one on weaning weights or yearling weights, but a rancher will never be embarrassed about the weights of Akaushi calves," says Bain.
ABSTRACT: Data on performance records on birth weight, weaning weight and yearling weight of Lohi sheep maintained at Livestock Production Research Institute (LPRI), Bahadurnagar, Okara during a period 1990-2008 were used in the present study.
53], who evaluated the influence of direct and maternal genetic effects on weaning weight of animals reared in the State of Bahia, Brazil.
Parameters studied included calf birth weight, calf weaning weight at 7 months adjusted to 210 days, pre-weaning average daily gain (growth rate from birth to 7 months), weight of calf at 12 months adjusted to 365 days, weight of calf at 18 months adjusted 540 days, post-weaning average daily gain of calf (growth rate from 7 to 12 months), and age at first calving and calving interval of cow.
Optimal weaning weight, good growth potential under feedlot and free range conditions, and applied animal husbandry such as dehorning, brand marking and animal health earned producers good points.
2009) successfully predicted weaning weight (WW) using six body measurements (withers height, body length, chest circumference, leg circumference, body depth and width of chest behind shoulders) measured at weaning period by factor scores in multiple regression model.
It is expected that employees at the centre will conduct research focused on maximizing sow lifetime reproductive performance, increasing pig weaning weight, improving pig nutrition while also developing new and better farm production management tools, techniques and systems.
Data collected at SFREC includes calving date, birth weight, mother-of-calf identification, weaning weight and health records.
To specifically assess the significance of the difference in birth weight and weaning weight between the control and BPA groups, we also used a regression model, taking the correlation between the pups from the same litter into account [generalized estimating equation (GEE) with an exchangeable structure for the working correlation matrix].
7 represents the 95 percent confidence interval for the average 205-day weaning weight for calves sired by this herd bull.