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the act of substituting other food for the mother's milk in the diet of a child or young mammal

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Weaning age ping-ponged up and down as temperatures changed, Cherney and Michigan colleague Daniel Fisher found.
The four-part online series has been created by leading kid's brand, Ella's Kitchen, to provide parents of "weanagers" with a wealth of weaning tips and advice.
One of the most important points in the management program of weaning pigs is the fast adaptation of solid feed of nursery diets from liquid feed of sow milk as well as the fast increase amount of feed intake after weaning because it can directly influence their growth performance and health (Lalles et al.
14, the period from birth to weaning had the highest average daily cost, weaning to conception was PS1.
Most horse breeders begin weaning foals at 4 to 7 months, but some keep foals and mares together for an additional month or two.
KiddieCubes founder Issy Langly-Smith commented: "As a mother and nutritional therapist, my friends would often come to me for advice on weaning as they really struggled with the process, finding it tedious and often unrewarding when their babies rejected the food.
But group them either before or after weaning as you will get a growth check if the grouping is done at weaning," he added.
Traditionally, weaning foods in the form of liquids and semisolids are fed to 6-9 months infants and later replaced by foods eaten by older family members.
Locala CIC, a social enterprise tasked by Huddersfield health chiefs with delivering NHS community health care across Kirklees, has launched extra workshops to boost mums' weaning skills.
The risk of weaning before 12 months of age was significantly lower in the intervention group for adolescent mothers not living with their mothers; whereas the risk was not statistically different between intervention and control groups for those living with their mothers.
Parents adopted either baby-led weaning (allowing infants to feed themselves) or spoon-feeding.
However, concerns about the ability of Suffolk-sired lambs to survive from birth to weaning, and then to harvest, raised some doubts about the Suffolk's value as a terminal sire.
By far the majority of mothers still give the first weaning food in mashed or pureed form.
Hinde directs the Comparative Lactation Laboratory at Harvard and has conducted a three-year study of lactation, weaning and behavior among rhesus macaques at UC Davis.
Yet recent investigations of wild chimpanzees have shown that the first molar eruption occurs toward the end of weaning.