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the act of substituting other food for the mother's milk in the diet of a child or young mammal

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We found that positive changes in the cat's behavior can occur after the currently recommended age of weaning, 12 weeks (in Helsinki)," says doctoral student Milla Ahola.
Nevertheless, although a higher feed conversion ratio can be obtained through early weaning, an appropriate weaning time is the key link to early weaning techniques.
The growth traits used for the analysis were birth weight (BW), 60 Day weight (60DW), weaning weight (WW) and pre-weaning daily gain (PrWDG).
Combined supply of chopped roughage and concentrate feed (treatment group) and separate natural supply (control group) did not have significant effects on live weights at weaning, 3 and 6-months of age and daily weight gains between birth - weaning, between weaning - 3 months of age, between 3 - 6 months of age and between birth - 6 months of age Live weights and daily weight gains in control group were not significantly higher than the treatment group (Tables II, III).
Mrs Howe set the feeding-friendly invention in motion after being inundated with requests from friends after they'd seen the weaning bib she had made for her daughter.
The pedigree file contained data from 397,900 animals, and 1,361 sires with 99 progenies/sire were used for trait weight gains from birth to weaning (WG), 1,178 sires (77 progenies/sire) for weight gain in the weaning-yearling (YG) period, and 624 sires (17 progenies/sire)for the end weight (MW).
And Michela is hoping that going back to their roots will make the weaning process a much simpler experience for parents.
Physiotherapists' involvement in weaning of patients from MV includes provision of muscle-strengthening exercises, early mobilisation, administration of checklists to assess patient readiness for weaning, and identification of and treatment for patients receiving non-invasive ventilation (NIV).
Most of the researchers have focused on the actual recommendations and the timing of starting the solids there has been little done on the weaning advice provided by health professionals routinely caring for infants during this important period in their development, even though a recent studies suggest that the influence of health professionals on infant weaning practices has the potential to be as great as cultural values or material resources.
Weaning is, in most cases, the most stressful event in the life of a young animal.
Weaning is abruptly stressful in the neonates' life, and that stress can result in growth retardation and susceptibility to diseases in mammals.
This study was conducted to, 1) determine the effects of socializing piglets prior to weaning on piglet behavior and performance and sow behavior, and 2) determine the effects of socializing piglets prior to weaning and inclusion of pen enrichment on nursery pig behavior and performance.
To figure out weaning ages, Cherney reasoned, he could analyze nitrogen levels --because the chemicals were deposited in mammoths' tusks as they added new growth each year.