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freed of dependence on something especially (for mammals) mother's milk

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05) percentages of T lymphocytes, CD4+ and CD8+ in peripheral blood of weaned piglets than that with control diet (Table 6).
20% did affect feed intake, sow weight loss and backfat thickness at weaning, number of weaned piglets, litter weight at the 21st day and at weaning.
Three lived with their dam and were weaned as normal at 240 d (NW, n = 3), serving as the control.
The growth and survival characteristics of Holstein female calves weaned at various age.
Babies bom in the spring get the advantage of the lush growth of spring grass, coinciding with peak milk production, and weaning in the fall can give weaned animals a chance to take advantage of fall pasture.
Polo, "The biological stress of early weaned piglets," Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology, vol.
Piglets were weaned when the group average was 21 days after farrowing.
2011), the energy expenditure involved during the typical response to weaning of piglets weaned in commercial systems can hinder the adaptation of piglets.
Karachi -- Doctors are optimistic about fast recovery of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Rashid Godil who was responsive to doctors after being weaned off the ventilator and had moved his hands and feet.
Calves should be weaned at between 56-63 days, by which time they should be eating 1.
6%) were weaned before the age of 4 or less months, as compared to 3555 (95%) children, who were weaned after 4 months.
On farm weaned calves are subjected to the nutritional stress, environmental stress, separation from dam, transportation stress, traumas and mixing with old/other animals etc.
When a calf is weaned early, all nutrients that normally go to milk production for the calf can be retained by the mother--helping to increase or sustain her body weight and condition," Waterman says.
A team of US and Australian researchers reports in the journal Nature May 22 that they can now use fossil teeth to calculate when a Neanderthal baby was weaned.