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That allows the wealthy person to control the account indirectly, through the company, and makes it harder for authorities to link the money to the individual.
o The least wealthy person on the list is also the youngest -- Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel, age 25, with a current net worth of USD2.
Nearly every wealthy person credits hard work for his or her success.
He was not just a wealthy person "with the power that money can buy" but he was also Ireland's most powerful media baron, counsel said.
If I had a pound for every time I have said to someone: "When I say 'you' I'm referring to the company you work for, not you individually," I would be a wealthy person today.
3 -- During the early 1900s, according to historians, Europeans used to brand a wealthy person as someone who was as rich as an Argentinian, thanks to the enviable position that Argentina enjoyed in the rich club - the 10th wealthiest nation on the planet.
Dave Hancle Faded Rix Fruit in the bowl and nobody's dead - a wealthy person.
For today's wealthy person, the most important thing is saving time, which equals money," he said.
While characterizing the acquisition as "yet another billionaire buys a daily newspaper" would be inaccurate, yet another wealthy person last week bought a daily newspaper: former Washington Post and U.
And when you get a wealthy person targeted the criminal often has some inside information.
On the other end, a wealthy person with generous wage income, investment earnings and Medicare coverage may feel like being hit by a triple whammy.
In any other country in the region, a wealthy person would be able to send the team and all of its staff there on a private plane, put them up in a hotel, and bring them back.
I am fortunate, my financial situation means I can retire early, not as a wealthy person, but with some degree of self-respect and sanity--which is especially important after what has happened to the 'profession' over the past decade.
Because of inflation, BILLIONAIRE is more frequently coming to mean a very wealthy person.
I'm a very wealthy person, I'm married to a very beautiful woman and I get laid with monotonous regularity.