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Synonyms for weakening

the act of reducing the strength of something

causing debilitation

moderating by making pain or sorrow weaker

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Government policy-makers have noted that the weakening Philippine peso is part of a conscious effort to recalibrate economic policy directions.
The standalone BCAs of BBK, National Bank of Bahrain and Bahrain Development Bank would be pressured by a greater-than-expected weakening in the banks' asset quality, profitability, and capital adequacy.
These areas were observed to shift from time to time, the shifts corresponding with a weakening and increased frequency of small earthquakes.
Viral weakening is "a very slow process," warned Marco Vitoria, an AIDS expert at the World Health Organization, "to be measured not in years but in generations.
The latest weakening of the magnetic field suggests that Earth's unseen armor may end up growing so weak that it will disappear briefly and then strengthen again in the opposite direction.
Encouraged by their success, they decided to have patients chew specific nutrients to observe for strengthening or weakening of muscles.
In spite of the depredations of consumerism, sexual abuse scandals, civil war, and weakening moral authority, the Irish Church still has the highest number of Mass-goers in Western Europe.
This represented an increase in confidence since the last survey of its kind carried out a month ago, when 70 per cent of respondents anticipated weakening conditions.
Instead of weakening Title IX protections as expected, the Department of Education stated support for Title IX standards and announced that it would aggressively enforce Title IX protocols.
THE continued weakening of the pound and the consequent increase in the Intervention Milk Price Equivalent (IMPE) must generate a price rise for UK dairy producers, says NFU Cymru.
The NFU has been pushing since last summer for the EU target price to be the benchmark for what UK farmers should be paid and the weakening of sterling has pushed the price up to 22.
Weakening him further cannot but have even more disastrous consequences.
There are some people who are concerned that central-bank purchases of foreign bonds might induce a further weakening in the yen,'' the lawmaker said.
When they catch up with him they stab him in the backside, thereby weakening his bum muscles.
Many scientists believe its role in those processes depends on so-called long-term potentiation (LTP) and long-term depression (LTD)--the strengthening and weakening, respectively, of certain connections between brain cells.