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If, like most, you haven't entered such a weak-willed agreement, then you are on the receiving end of tactical plays that our long-awaited adjudicator ought to judge illegal.
There was no shortage of bread and what was raised about that is unjustified and mere rumors circulated by some weak-willed persons for emptying bakeries of this material and creating problems and fears of the loss of the loaf, Director-General of General Company For Bakeries in Syria Othman Hamed said Thursday.
So far, there are no plans to license Starbucks in this country and, as far as this weak-willed consumer is concerned, I hope it stays that way.
As a result, police conspired to bully weak-willed witnesses into agreeing with fictional accounts of the killing, it is alleged.
The worst we have said about Ban so far, is that he is a weak-willed, Anglo-American puppet who takes orders from his subordinates, helps Turkey's communications games and interferes in pseudo-national elections.
But up to seven million weak-willed people will have given up their resolutions in a week.
com But 41% of weak-willed Brits will have broken their resolutions by the end of January.
For the weak-willed and impatient there is a quick fix button that can bypass the non-elaborate security system in an instant.
While I have many strong differences with Reagan's foreign policy, you needn't reject his approach to the Soviets to reject the paranoid mentality I described in the conservative grassroots-a-n outlook that "imagined Moscow as a virtually all-powerful giant, its tentacles pulling stateside liberals' strings while our weak-willed society teetered toward surrender.
Hubby Frank is something of a weak-willed coward, engaging in an affair at work with his secretary Maureen (Kazan).
Campaign leader Ricky Holloway called on council leaders to "stop being weak-willed and come out and condemn the non-use of the iconic Walthamstow Stadium" and reiterated the support he has had from local MPs.
Shame on you that your presidents should be weak-willed servants of Israel," he said.
com suggests sticking to your budget YOU WEAK-WILLED PERSON (their sass, not mine).
The weak-willed Bishop, his shrewish, micro-manager of a wife, Mrs.
She reports research that brains are deceitful, vain-glorious, emotional and immoral, pigheaded, secretive, and weak-willed, and bigots.