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lacking will power or resolution

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JAWHARThere is nothing in my vocabulary that can express my rage over the weak-kneed response from US President Barack Obama to back down from staging a strike against Bashar Assad's murderous forces.
A[yen] Obama's unexpected speech about his call for a Y[pounds sterling]proposed' military action against Syria was broadcasted by Syrian state television, and while some parts of the world were in trepidation, many in Damascus grinned and shared similar view that the president of the world's most powerful army is yes, weak-kneed, and has decided not to act because he feared the reaction of Assad's allies, Iran, and let's add Russia.
In the case of HB 2870, such concerns are not only weak-kneed but misplaced.
Erista claimed that such allegations have persisted since the inception of the SPLM-DC in 2009 and that they are a "convenient tool" for the SPLM "to intimidate our would-be supporters and scare off some weak-kneed members of the party.
They say Islamabad -- through incessant shelling of Afghan border villages by its security forces -- wants to prove its importance in the region and to portray the government in Kabul as weak-kneed.
It is easy enough for President Obama's critics to describe him as paralyzed or weak-kneed or unable to enforce the nation's will on its enemies.
THE letter from Doug Bragg (November 29) referred to the increasing uncontrolled immigration into this country and how our weak-kneed politicians failed to address the problem.
While few would dispute that the WTA, the governing body of the women's Tour, has been extremely weak-kneed in their penal measure, it's the social media which has been agog with completely polarised opinions.
Jayalalithaa, in a statement, today said: "Overall, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's live interaction with the media was not just a damp squib, it was a wretched exercise which showcased a weak-kneed head of state at his helpless best, taking cover for all the ills plaguing the Nation using the fragile shield of 'coalition dharma'
And all because of the ineptitude of CCW and the weak-kneed response of the Snowdonia National Park who granted planning permission for this horrific intrusion into the private world of nature.
a show I had always viewed with the utmost suspicion because it was my mother's favourite, causing her to go slightly weak-kneed whenever Edmund Hockridge appeared on TV variety shows singing the one about the surrey with a fringe on top.
The approval is likely to be delayed until around September, they said, a decision that could spark criticism from conservatives who would see such a move as weak-kneed diplomacy.
After 90 minutes, weak-kneed and progressively more bad-tempered with being the straggler, I see the trail leveling off and--a miracle--a bathroom.
And the weak-kneed brethren who run law and order have buckled again despite evidence showing a clear need to act on our behalf.